This script scanip.ps1 calls two other scripts (nikto.ps1 and sslyze.ps1). All of the scripts put their output in a subdirectory 'scan' and put their output in a file named with the IP or Hostname given.

This script scans the most common ports with nmap and runs the appropriate scripts on those ports. This script assumes that nmap is in your path.

If you feed it an IP or Hostname it places the output in ./scan/ using the IP or Hostname as the name of the output file.

Then it runs sslyze.ps1 on all ports that have TLS or SSL encryption. The sslyze script adds its output to the same file.

Then it starts a new process and scans all ports that answer with http or https with nikto.ps1 - again the output is put in the same file.

When all the scans are done all the output for each IP or Host is in one file.

And of course you can pipe multiple IP/Hosts to the script