Group Policy Troubleshooting

Logs to look at on a server/workstation

From event  viewer

Application log – look for messages from scecli and messages with 1085

Applications and Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\GroupPolicy\Operational

On the Disk


Things to look at on the dc’s

To troubleshoot a specific gp object, open the object and look at the Details tab.  There you will find the Unique ID.  This is the sid you can find to look at the policy file on sysvol.  So, for example,  for the Default policy you will see something like this

The ID is {171DAE52-FF50-4ECE-820C-3194E1A7D2C0}

On sysvol you can find it like this:

For this particular gp object I was trying to find the renaming of the local admin user and it was at machine\microsoft\windows nt\secedit\gpttmpl.inf

In both the machine and user directories there is a script directory where the scripts for local policy will be located.

Looking at GP objects we determined that GP was not replicating.  In windows 2008 r2 DFSR is the mechanism for doing this.

Repairing DFSR


Dfsrdiag.exe  -- it was no help

On domain controllers look at

C:\windows\debug\dfsr00080.log or whatever the current one is

We had a missing AD object  DFSR-GlobalSettings errors

Which lead us to

And then to Information about the frs to dfs replication migration

and the dfsrmig.exe command to do the migration.