System Administration

Scripts I put on Github

Stop Automatic Reboot
This will stop the automatic reboot when Microsoft updates your system. Sometimes I have processes running overnight and for long times. I don't want them interrupted.

This is the most reliable way I have found.

How to deal with long paths in Windows

Many years ago I was a system administrator. Here are some of the commands I used.

Bear in mind these come from years ago when I was a System Admin. They still might be useful for someone.

Saved for posterity.
Enabling WinRM in PowerShell
Loading and using the Active Directory Addon.
Reset MySQL root Password
MySQL Cheat Sheet
Uses Windows Scripting Host to get Directory Space.

Shrink WINSxs when it gets bloated.

Copy AD Users to new Group

Delete Computers older that 1 year from AD

Command Line Shortcuts

Remove EFI Partitions

Enable CHM on Network

Fix random RDP Disconnects

Group Policy Troubleshooting

List Open Files

Recover SQL Server SA Password

Remove password from DOCX

Speed Up logins

SQL Server WMI Error

Useful Terminal Server Commands

Disable UAC by Registry

Enable Admin Shares

Windows 8.1 HyperV notes

Fixing WMI

Setup SSH key login on Linux Host